With Shane Nicholson back in the drivers seat Allison secures her spot in the alt-country scene in Australia. With some personal exploration and taking on story songs, she delivers a country-folk packed punch. Get your autographed copy here!

What'll Happen To Me Now? Allison's debut EP of original songs was recorded over 5 days and wines at The Sound Hole in Copacabana, NSW with ARIA - winning producer Shane Nicholson in the drivers seat. Get your autographed copy here!

What'll Happen To Me Now?

Brand new single, "Hell Freezes Over", a story of finding a place where you're comfortable with the past and the preparation of moving forward.

How ironic. The new single release ‘Broken Radios’ by Allison Forbes is a catchy country tune about the rubbish music being fed by radio stations and the money-driven industry selling out art. Reminiscent of early Kasey Chambers, Allison is not backing down from singing about what she thinks and feels. It’s a dig at the formulaic way a lot of music comes across as much the same.


Allison's first single off her new EP debuted at number 20 in the Country Radio Tracks chart and reached number 15 on the iTunes country chart.
It is a tale of a place haunted by ghosts, emotions and memories.

"All through the gutsy, powerful Bonedigger, Forbes lays out reasons to care about how you live, how you treat others, but especially how you treat yourself. Coming out the other side of busted hearts and busted lives, wise choices on mental health, reminders to enjoy yourself however it plays out - it may be a debut but it sounds like it was made by someone who knows who she is and what she can do." - Bernard Zuel

Get your autographed copy here!