BRAND NEW EP "Augustine"

With Shane Nicholson back in the drivers seat Allison secures her spot in the alt-country scene in Australia. With some personal exploration and taking on story songs, she delivers a country-folk packed punch.

Brand new single, "Hell Freezes Over", a story of finding a place where you're comfortable with the past and the preparation of moving forward.


Latest single "Augustine"

Allison's first single off her new EP debuted at number 20 in the Country Radio Tracks chart and reached number 15 on the iTunes country chart.
It is a tale of a place haunted by ghosts, emotions and memories.

  • What'll Happen To Me Now?0:22
  • Fire and Guns0:22
  • Devil May Care0:22
  • Remember My Name0:20
  • Lie Lie Butterfly0:20
  • Heartache Countdown0:21